What we do-performance defined

What we do

Design, Development, Project Management.
 - Product design using Pro/Engineer/Creo, Solidworks, & other CADD, CAM, CAE, FEA applications
 - Tooling design, CNC toolpaths, and tool creation
 - Production coordination
 - Turnkey project management

Specialising in high performance automotive solutions including:
 - Supercharger development & integration
 - Induction systems & engine ancillary components

Proven results in processes including:

 - Blow moulded containers (100ml consumer bottles through to large 10kg industrial cases)

 - Rotationally moulded products (safety barriers, playground equipment)
- Injection moulded products (automotive, industrial, commercial, comsumer, promotional)

 - Factory automation programs (sourcing, installation, & commissioning of Robotic welding & trimming solutions)

 - Fabricated & machined military components

 - Vintage component reverse engineering & restoration


With comprehensive experience and skills in a wide array of disciplines, Southways Consulting specialises in the design, development and manufacture of products from a vast array of industries, specialising in high-performance automotive solutions.

Utilising some of the most powerful computer aided design tools available, we can deliver the best value as your product ideas can become a reality in the shortest possible time. Always conscious of employing the most appropriate method to achieve the desired outcome, Southways will work with you to choose the suitable & cost-effective development solution.

With a strong philosophy of building a mutually beneficial business relationship, you can have confidence in the integrity of the designs, and ethos of the people you will work with. With a truly hands-on approach, the Southways team can respond promptly with innovative solutions backed by sound engineering principles.

With a proven track record of designing some of the worlds leading automotive performance solutions, the talent at Southways can transform your product design & development to a commercially viable reality in the shortest possible time with the least amount of grief.

Your success is our objective.